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This woman went a year without TV, and what she was able to accomplish is astonishing

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Thursday night on "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka asked his audience how long they could go without watching television.

Teal Burrell did just that without even intending to at first. Mike told the story of how it came about:

"After coming back from a vacation where they had no TV for a week, they thought, 'Well maybe, maybe we can just unplug completely.' So they did it for a year, and I honestly don't know if I could do it for a week."

Mike recounted the tale of a time he nearly was without TV and internet for two whole days -- but, fortunately for him, he found a workaround and was able to avoid the privation. He then went on to list, with clear admiration, what Burrell was able to accomplish in her year without television:

"Teal Burrell did a whole year, and in the course of that year, she read more, earned a Ph.D., I mentioned she had a baby of course, but she also picked up her speed and got to be fast enough at marathon running so that she's now qualified to try and make the Olympics. So that's a pretty good year!"

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