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WATCH: Heated debate between Tulsi Gabbard's former advisor & Steve Deace over California immigrant bill

WATCH: Heated debate between Tulsi Gabbard's former advisor & Steve Deace over California immigrant bill

California state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would create a program for illegal aliens to put zero down on a no-payment “loan” for a house — and Steve Deace sees it for what it is: a replacement.

“If this isn’t a replacement, then what is the alternative explanation for what is being allowed to occur at the border?” Deace asks former Tulsi Gabbard advisor Paul Alexander.

“I struggle to understand the replacement argument,” Alexander says, noting that he believes it would be better to get the illegal immigrants housed than have them creating homeless encampments.

“I do acknowledge there are limited good options without the federal agencies stepping in. Ending Sanctuary City policies would be a step in the right direction to curb the flow moving forward,” he adds.

Alexander believes that additional legislation is needed in order to curb the issue at the border, but Todd Erzen disagrees.

“We already have a Constitution, we have laws. He can shut down the border anytime,” Erzen argues, adding, “Enforce the law.”

“I’m saying in broader terms of being well-received by the broader public,” Alexander replies, to which Erzen notes that caring about how you're received over what’s happening in real time is ridiculous.

“Well-received is not a girl being able to go jogging and not getting her skull crushed,” Erzen says, referencing the recent murder of student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant.

“Yes, I’m aware of that,” Alexander says.

“It’s inhuman to continue to try to dance through the raindrops on this. The raindrops are bleeding out of the sky. I will not tolerate answers like this, it’s simply inhumane,” Erzen answers.

To hear more, watch the clip below.

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