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Listen up, independent content creators — there's a disturbing new trend in social media that you need to know about

Listen up, independent content creators — there's a disturbing new trend in social media that you need to know about

Big tech censorship is ramping up as the 2024 presidential election gets closer, and Glenn Beck is concerned what this means for independent content creators.

“We have been witnessing a very disturbing trend in social media. Lately, the giants of Silicon Valley are attempting to control the narrative and dictate what information you have access to by punishing people like me, or perhaps like you, for wrong think,” he says.

Glenn believes this is a “blatant assault on your freedom of speech,” and they’re using him as an example.

Last week, Glenn’s team discovered that Apple had rated everything in his Apple podcast library as explicit content — even though his radio program is FCC-regulated.

However, after a discussion with Apple, it will remove the explicit label within a couple of business days.

“They will take a couple of days and correct this,” Glenn explains, calling the tactic “soft censorship.”

In addition, Facebook is making shadow-banning a company policy now. For those unfamiliar with the term, shadow-banning refers to blocking a content creator from a social media platform or online forum but not informing them that they've been blocked. That usually means their content — posts and comments — are no longer visible to users.

“They’re just rounding up everybody that disagrees with the government, and they just put them in this little digital ghetto,” Glenn says. “There’s a wall around it; well, they can speak all they want, but nobody’s going to hear them.”

Apparently, Facebook will be shadow-banning all political content — but Glenn isn’t sure what qualifies as political content to Meta.

“I’d like to know what Facebook considers to be political content. Is advertising LGBTQ issues to kids considered political? I bet not. How about content on the benefits of abortion — is that political?” he asks.

To learn more about these new policies affecting social media content creators, watch the clip below.

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