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Liberal professor warns Big Tech will go 'all out' to shift votes in 2020: 'Biggest threat there is to the free and fair election'

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'They can shift 15 million votes next year, with no one knowing that they've done it.'

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Dr. Robert Epstein, a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology or AIBRT, joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" on Monday, to expose the serious threat tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter pose to "free and fair" elections by dramatically shifting voting preferences through search-result manipulation, censorship, and content suppression.

Epstein, a lifelong liberal who has been researching the impact of online censorship for more than six years, said, "I love humanity, my country, and democracy more than I love any particular party or candidate. And democracy, as originally conceived, cannot survive Big Tech as currently empowered," during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in June.

In this clip, Glenn mentioned a recent BlazeTV video titled, "Ukraine: The Democrats' Russia," which has quickly become the most viewed video in the platform's history, but has been suspiciously limited in its reach on other platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

"What they do," Epstein told Glenn, "is they can either down-rank you — and they admit this by the way — they can either 'down-rank' you so people don't see you because you're not high on any list. You're popping up very, very low [in search results.] Or actually 'shadowban,' which means you send out a tweet to your 2 million followers, but your 2 million followers aren't getting the tweet, period, or just a small portion of them are getting it. But we now have a way of actually documenting this, recording it, quantifying it. So we're going to have rock solid evidence in 2020."

Epstein detailed AIBRT's plan to prove Big Tech manipulation through a monitoring system that can detect and track these otherwise "invisible" practices.

Find out more at MyGoogleResearch.com.

"We are going to document it, prove it, and we're going to release our findings to the media, and to a Federal Election Commission, and to various authorities. We'll be tracking all kinds of things with a very large panel of field agents in all 50 states, including shadowbanning," he said.

"We'll be watching YouTube, [and the] many, many different ways — in fact five different ways — in which Facebook suppresses material. [...] We'll be monitoring Google. Google is the biggest threat there is to the free and fair election," Epstein added. "I can tell you that I'm positive that these companies, if there's no monitoring system in place, these companies are going to go all out. And together, I calculate that they can shift 15 million votes next year, with no one knowing that they've done it. And without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace."

Watch the video below for more details:

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