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Trump administration wants to send Americans $1,000 each amid coronavirus crisis

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What will this do to our economy?

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On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck gave his daily update on the latest developments concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the latest stats (according to Johns Hopkins):

  • Total Confirmed Cases Worldwide 202,272 (up from 185,461 yesterday)
  • Total Confirmed Deaths Worldwide: 8,012 (up from 7,332 yesterday)
  • Total Confirmed Recovered Worldwide: 82,813 (up from 79,935 yesterday)
  • 167 Countries have confirmed cases (up from 162 yesterday) 4 more have suspected cases
  • 6% of Active Cases are considered serious (requiring hospitalization), steady from 6% yesterday and down from 19% just 3 weeks ago
  • US has 6,524 Confirmed Cases and 116 Deaths, up from 4,743 Cases and 93 deaths yesterday
  • In the US, all 50 States plus Washington DC and 4 US Territories all have at least 1 confirmed case
Meanwhile, the Trump administration is working on a $1 trillion stimulus package aimed at curbing some of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The proposed plan includes direct payments of $1,000 or more to individual Americans who qualify.
Watch the video below for more details:

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