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Former police officer DEBUNKS the myth of systemic police racism: 'There's some brainwashing going on'

The Rubin Report

'When you look at the numbers, they're very, very clear'

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On "The Rubin Report," BlazeTV host Dave Rubin spoke with former police officer and Blexit co-founder Brandon Tatum about George Floyd, police brutality, and racism in America.

Tatum weighed in on the arrest and death of George Floyd, what he thinks went wrong, and whether racism was a motivating factor in his death. He detailed the proper tactics a police officer should use during an arrest and explained what "excited delirium" is, how it might have been involved, and how it can put police officers at risk.

Addressing some of the myths about police brutality and racism, Tatum said he thinks the narrative about racist cops is based on ignoring the actual data and truth related to law enforcement.

"When you look at the numbers, they're very, very clear," Tatum said. "In 2019 ... there were nine African-American people shot who were unarmed. Most people can put two and two together and realize that just because you're unarmed, don't mean you're not a threat, don't mean that it's unjustified. But for the sake of arguing, just say that all nine unarmed black males were killed by police unjustifiably — there are 44 million black people [in the U.S.]."

"When you look at those numbers, and then you go and you look at the amount of black people who get killed on a day-to-day basis through black-on-black violence, and you do not see the same level of outrage, the same level of protest, we can clearly see that there's some brainwashing going on," he added.

Brandon argued that while people may say they want justice, what they really seek is revenge. He likened the recent rioting and looting in this country to parenting an out-of-control child, adding that he believes you must use force to put an end to it.

He also discussed his belief that Democratic leadership has only encouraged violence and division, which is especially destructive to black communities.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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