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THIS 'paid liar' from MSNBC just said something 'genuinely DISGUSTING' about the pro-life movement

The Rubin Report

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, whom Dave Rubin calls “Cringe Jean-Pierre's predecessor” and “a paid liar,” just let slip exactly what pro-abortion far-leftists think about the pro-life initiative.

Her stomach-churning explanation is “genuinely disgusting” and “off the charts,” says Dave.

“Because they are seeking a rebrand,” Psaki mocks, “pro-life now becomes, in the words of Indiana Senator Todd Young, pro-baby.”

“I hate to break it to you, but if you call broccoli candy, it’s still just broccoli; if you tie a really nice bow around a lump of coal, it is still just coal under there.”

“She’s vile,” says Dave. “Pro-life is pro-baby,” and “the pro-life movement probably should have called it pro-baby from the beginning.”

“[Psaki] is handed a script,” he laments, “and they purposely wrote in there to compare a baby to a lump of coal. Like, they are just absolutely terrible.”

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