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Did Biden just 'CANCEL' your cash?


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In a quiet, back-room deal on March 9th, President Biden launched a full-frontal assault on every American bank account.

This move wasn’t reported in the nightly news.

In fact, most mainstream news outlets didn’t even know about it.

And the attack itself was buried in Section 4 of Executive Order 14067.

So most Americans have no idea this even happened.

But as of March 9th, every dollar in your bank account could be in serious jeopardy.

That’s why today, Jim Rickards – a world-famous economist and former advisor to both the CIA and the Pentagon – has just sounded the alarm on this troubling new development.

In his critical new presentation, he reveals the shocking truth about Biden’s Executive Order…

And why it’s a direct threat to the freedom of every single Americancitizen.

“This is the scenario we’ve been fearing,” he says. “Instead of President Trump, we’ve got ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden behind the wheel.

“Now the economy tanking. Gas prices are through the roof. And inflation is setting fire to our savings accounts.”

But according to Mr. Rickards, that’s nothing compared to what could come next.

His extensive research has proven that Biden’s move sets the stage for:

Legal government surveillance of all US citizens

Total control over your bank accounts and purchases

And the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good

“This is not some far-off pipe dream,” he says. “Biden has already signed Executive Order 14067. The wheels are already in motion. So it’s absolutely essential that every American prepare themselves now.”

That’s why Mr. Rickards just released his urgent new presentation.

Inside, he explains in detail, why Executive Order 14067 is so dangerous to the safety and security of every American – and lays out exactly what you can do today to prepare.

“The next phase of Biden’s assault is going to be disastrous for most Americans,” Rickards says. “But it doesn’t have to be. There are easy ways to protect, and even grow your wealth, even in the face of this blatant attack on our freedom.”

Do NOT get caught off guard.

Click here to discover how you can protect your wealth NOW, before it’s too late.

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