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Author Andy Andrews urges Glenn's audience to 'sweat the small stuff

Glenn Beck

Last Thursday, Glenn Beck sat down with Andy Andrews, author of "The Little Things: Why You Really Should Sweat the Small Stuff," for a conversation about finding hope amidst disappointment and despair and how to pursue your purpose in life.

Glenn admitted feeling "overwhelmed" and "a little lost" at the moment regarding his role in society and asked Andy to share the motivation behind his avowed assurance that tough situations in life always get better. Andy responded:

"If you're still breathing, that means you're still here. Well, if you're still here, that means you have not accomplished what you were put here to accomplish. If you haven't accomplished what you were put here to accomplish, that means your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled. If your very purpose hasn't been fulfilled, that means the most important part of your life is still ahead of you. It doesn't matter how bad things are. It doesn't matter how broke you are. It doesn't matter how depressed you might be."

Andy then referenced an anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci painting the "Mona Lisa" in which the famed Italian painter set out with the explicit pupose of painting a masterpiece, rather than aiming for merely producing a good work of art.

"Your life — your business, your family— you're creating something," Andy said. "So what is it? What are you creating? Because at the end of it all, you will have created a masterpiece or a disaster. And it will have been done once decision at a time, one moment at a time, one tiny brushstroke at a time."

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