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Brian Stelter wonders if Fox News' Sean Hannity had anything to do with threatening phone call

Doc Thompson

CNN's Brian Stelter received an alarming phone call from a Trump supporter who said that he was entirely fed up with being called a racist by the media for voting for the president.

The call happened Friday while Stelter was live on C-SPAN. The caller, who was identified by host Greta Brawner as "Don from State College, Pennsylvania" phoned in to express his disdain about how the media has portrayed Trump voters.

The caller also voiced his support for the president's criticism of the media.

“It all started when Trump got elected,” claimed "Don," who also accused Stelter and Don Lemon of labeling all Trump supporters as racist.

“[Stelter and Lemon] don’t even know us. They don’t even know these Americans out here and they’re calling us racist because we voted for Trump,” continued the caller.

He concluded the phone call with a threat: “They started the war. If I see ’em, I’m going to shoot ’em. Bye."

Stelter aired the phone call on Sunday and claimed he and his colleague never labeled Trump supporters "racist." Stelter prefaced the call by claiming he's not asking for sympathy.

Here's the call: 



“I don’t know if the C-SPAN caller watched Hannity. I’m not blaming Hannity. I just thought the timing was odd," Stelter said.

Catch Doc's thoughts on the matter in the clip above.

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