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Have You Tried the #BowWowChallenge?


Rapper Lil Bow Wow recently posted a photo on Instagram that implied he was taking a ritzy trip on a private jet. The problem? Someone put a picture of him on their very ordinary flight to New York on Snapchat and it went viral. Now people are jumping on the “Lil Bow Wow Challenge” trend, creating snarky social media posts about their not-so-fancy lifestyles.

Under the #BowWowChallenge hashtag, people are posting closely cropped photos that are revealed to be much less glamorous when the camera pulls back. But unlike the rapper, who now goes by Shad Moss, at least they are snapping their own images—for some reason, Bow Wow thought the Internet wouldn’t notice that his Instagram photo was taken from a VIP transportation company’s website.

On Thursday’s “Pat & Stu,” Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher looked at some hilarious examples of the #BowWowChallenge: a photo from a stadium when the user was actually watching a game online, someone who seemed to be driving a car when he was actually just holding onto a rail in the bus and more. While Stu was a bit confused by the Internetspeak, he tried his best.

“’About to turn up, y’all,’” he read the caption a photo of liquor bottles that turned out to be much smaller portions than pictured. “Turnip? It’s a vegetable? I guess that’s what I thought. Apparently, it’s alcohol in some fashion.”

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