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Melania Trump’s hand flick game is on point


Despite objections from one opinion writer, the guys on “Pat & Stu” couldn’t resist analyzing another video clip where First Lady Melania Trump clearly seems to be swatting away President Donald Trump’s attempt to hold her hand.

While walking down the steps of Air Force One after landing in Rome on Tuesday, Melania Trump seemed to be flicking away her husband’s hand, coolly reaching up to brush away a few stray hairs instead. The awkward moment was the second time on their trip that the president appeared to reach for her hand only to be rebuffed.

“There was absolutely contact made,” Stu Burguiere said of the moment. He speculated that the Trumps were simply having a disagreement similar to any married couple.

Jeffy Fisher again refused to acknowledge that any hand-swatting hand occurred. “You’re reading way too much into this, man,” he said.

Pat Gray condemned this attitude with a tongue-in-cheek reference to TheBlaze’s motto. “You need to get off the show, Jeffy, because you are just not truthful,” he said. “And the truth lives here.”

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