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Spanish teacher bullies middle school student for citing Fox News, tells him to Google Trump's lies

Glenn Beck

An 8th-grade Spanish teacher in Indiana is being accused of shaming a student for using Fox News as a source for an assignment. Todd Hein said his 14-year-old son Jacob was embarrassed by his teacher in front of his classmates at Blackhawk Middle School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The assignment consisted of students translating a news article into Spanish.

Hein chose an article from FoxNews.com about a U.S. Navy jet's encounter with a UFO. That's when things took a turn for the worst.

What did the teacher say?

"She came up to him in class in front of everybody and said, 'I noticed that you cited Fox News on your last article, and I want you to know that Fox News is fake news. It's full of lies, and you're no longer to use Fox News as a source for any of these assignments,'" Hein shared with "Fox & Friends" Wednesday.

The teacher then gave Jacob an outrageous assignment: Google all of Trump's lies and write a report about it.

Hein then requested a meeting with the teacher, principal, and vice principal which resulted in an apology from the teacher, however, Hein says that wasn't enough. "Someone needs to stand up" against those who force political agendas on students, said Hein.

"This is something nationally we're hearing on almost a daily basis now. It used to be college-level, high school, now we're getting into middle and grade school even," Hein added.

On Thursday's episode of the "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn highlighted the story and the problem with early indoctrination. 

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