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Study: Electric cars will mean more pollution, not less

Glenn Beck

If you believe the hype, electric vehicles are the clean, environment-saving future. But what happens if you look more closely at vehicle efficiency and energy sources?

A Politico deep dive into the data of electric vehicles vs. traditional internal combustion cars found that more electric cars and trucks will actually increase pollution. People who advocate for electric vehicles are comparing them to older, gas-guzzling models instead of the newest internal combustion engines, which release only about 1 percent of the pollution they emitted 50 or so years ago.

As Glenn and Stu reminded everyone on today's show, electricity doesn't come about through some magical process: Supposedly "green" vehicles are charged mainly by burning fossil fuels to create electricity.

Instead of relying on government subsidies on electric vehicles that mainly benefit the rich, we should depend on the free market to create more efficient cars and trucks that emit less pollution. As we can see from the shocking 1 percent statistic, the market is already making huge strides toward greener vehicles.

“If the market wants clean vehicles, if they want to stop driving gas-guzzlers, they want something more efficient and clean, the free market will provide it,” Glenn said.

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