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#TBT: Justice Kennedy's warning about the future of the media



For a man in his 80s, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has had some savvy takes on the internet.

Last summer, the justice praised the limitless information available on the internet while issuing a stern warning to journalists as well as online users about the pros and cons of the digital age.

What did he say? 

"The cyber age has tremendous potential, as indicated with Wikipedia," Kennedy said while speaking at the Salzburg Academy of Media and Global Change in Austria in July 2017. "But if it bypasses space and time where there's just this obsession with the present – this neglect of our heritage and history – then our world will change."

Kennedy also warned that "journalists have to begin to understand we are in a new world" as the "cyber age" changes how we share and encounter our news.

(Learn more about Kennedy's retirement announcement this week with our explainer here.)

Glenn's take: 

We need Kennedy's warnings: We shouldn't get so wrapped up in the present that we forget our history. Americans have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and yet too many surveys show that most of us don't know our basic constitutional rights.

"Man's freedom depends on each of us knowing the Bill of Rights," Glenn said on today's show.

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