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The left says goodbye to feminism in 2017: TheBlaze reacts to MTV's 'genderless' award


Actress Emma Watson received the first genderless acting trophy from the MTV Movie & TV Awards for her performance in “Beauty and the Beast.”

“The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees by their sex says something about the way we perceive the human experience,” Watson said.

TheBlaze reacted to MTV’s decision to stop differentiating between “best actor” and “best actress.”

Sara Gonzales didn’t know that MTV was still a thing but commended them on saving money because they now can hand out fewer trophies.

Brandon Morse pointed out the insane contradiction of a feminist movement that has resulted in erasing women as a gender in the acting profession. “Feminists have been fighting for a long time to have women recognized … yet they create an award that could be given to a man,” he said.

Of the three reactions, Jeffy Fisher’s was the only congratulatory one. “We are all equal,” he declared. “It doesn’t matter.”

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