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The Think Tank gang debates whether Trump's budget cuts too deep

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck and the Think Tank panel discussed President Donald Trump's planned budget cuts Monday on "Glenn" and what Trump's plan reveals about his priorities as president. The elimination of federal funding for many well-known programs, including PBS and the National Endowment for the Arts, has generally outraged liberals and delighted conservatives, leading to fierce debates on the role of the federal government and the limits of its powers.

Glenn argued that funding for new businesses and social initiatives has never been easier to obtain, obviating the need for federal support to ensure programs that might otherwise be overlooked by investors and nonprofits can survive. Citing the well-worn example of "Sesame Street," Caleb Parker pointed out that only one percent of PBS' funding currently comes from the federal government thanks to the network's extremely successful fundraising efforts and strong merchandise sales.

"You know what's amazing? You cut them — you cut that one percent — and they're crying bloody murder that Big Bird's going to be, you know, in a bucket of chicken by the end of the week," Glenn joked.

While Caleb argued that Trump's cuts will have little impact on the national debt, Audrea Taylor, president of young-conservative-focused non-profit advocacy group im2moro, countered that Trump needs to begin by cutting smaller expenses to send a clear message of fiscal responsibility before tackling entitlement reform.

"I think they're going to get there (to a balanced budget), but we put Trump in office to say, 'No. No to spending,'" Audrea said. "Again and again, I want him to say no a million times when he's in office."

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