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You'll pay a hefty price to 'save the environment' with this costly solar roof

The Wonderful World of Stu

How does spending over $50,000 to save $27 a year, even after a 30 percent tax credit, sound to you? Tesla's new solar roofing system looks pretty cool and sounds very environmentally conscientious, but as Stu Burguiere pointed out in "Wonderful World of Stu," it's nowhere near as cost effective as the company wants you to think it is.

Potential buyers can type their address into the Tesla roof website to estimate their costs and savings. It is honest enough to show the average home owner that the price may end up being three times more than the cost of the average roof.

Tesla guru Elon Musk himself admitted, "The economics are not yet compelling where housing and utility costs are low and property taxes are high."

The only possible reason to buy, then, is that you believe you'd be helping the environment -- until some better, less expensive innovation comes along.

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