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74-year-old Kansas woman shoots and kills home intruder, suffers heart attack, won't face charges

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A 74-year-old Kansas woman who shot and killed a man reportedly attempting to burglarize her home will not face charges, authorities said Thursday.

Ralph Byrd Jr., 41, was fatally shot after entering the home of the unnamed woman last Saturday. The woman reported the shooting to police, who arrived at the scene and found Byrd Jr. inside the home with a gunshot wound, the Leavenworth Times reports.

The elderly woman sustained a heart attack shortly after police began to investigate and was taken to a hospital. She is expected to survive.

Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson said that the woman will not be prosecuted. “For our understanding, she wouldn’t know whether he’s armed or unarmed and within the statute that allows her to be able to defend herself and defend her home,” Thompson said.

A similar incident happened in Kentucky Thursday when a man shot and killed a home invader and caused his two accomplices to flee after they threatened the man's family with firearms.

That's twice in one week the Second Amendment and stand your ground policies protected Americans from home invaders. And that's just the ones we know about.

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