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9 harmful policies the GOP must block in budget bill

Conservative Review

“This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure.” James Madison, Federalist #58

This week will serve as the harbinger for how dramatically Obama will be able to “fundamentally transform” America during his final year in office — coinciding with a time of unprecedented domestic and international security threats.

At a time when we have record immigration from the Muslim world, in conjunction with no deportations, no visa tracking, and an open border, we have never been more vulnerable to a terror attack.

When the voters elect a divided government, the expectation is that each side will have to implement some policies that the other dislikes. With Republicans in control of Congress and the purse strings that come with that power, the December budget bill will be the last opportunity to redress the grievances from which the American people seek relief. This is a time for Republicans to fight for a number of policies that, if not rescinded, will cause irrevocable damage to either our security or our economy. Particularly in Obama’s final year it is vital that Republicans preemptively curb him from consummating the great fundamental transformation

While there are endless liberal policies conservatives would love to block in the budget bill, there are certain items that must be defunded now and cannot wait for the next president.

  1. Stop Obama’s Dangerous Refugee Program

    Republicans are floating the idea of attaching their phony refugee bill to the omnibus. Their bill will not shut down the program; the best way to prevent future radical Islamists from entering our nation.  It’s time Republicans harness the overwhelming public opposition to refugee resettlement and defund the entire program for the rest of the fiscal year until the Government Accountability Office conducts a full audit of the program’s security problems and fiscal cost.  As Sen. Jeff Sessions noted, if Republicans fund refugee resettlement in the omnibus, December 11 will truly be a date that will live in infamy.  The details of the San Bernardino terror attack demonstrate just how dangerous our immigration policies can be. The budget bill will provide Congress with the last chance to block the new immigration of radical sharia-adherent Muslims from Syria and potential terrorists like Tafsheen Malik.

  2. Defund Amnesty

    The release of tens of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into our communitiesis undoubtedly the biggest threat to our security for the remainder of this presidency.But the problem is not only limited to sanctuary cities. It’s localities, such as Frederick County, Maryland, that want to cooperate with ICE but are stymied from doing so. Why? Because Obama has essentially repealed the Secure Communities and 287(g) programs designed to coordinate and train local law enforcement in helping with immigration enforcement.  Republicans must condition funding for DHS to the reinstatement of Secure Communities and 287(g). They must also defund DACA, which is still incentivizing a massive border surge to this very day. And obviously, they must defund sanctuary cities. We cannot afford another year of mass illegal immigration. Yet, at present, as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) noted, Republicans are planning to fund every aspect of Obama’s amnesty agenda in the Omnibus.At a time when we have record immigration from the Muslim world, in conjunction with no deportations, no visa tracking, and an open border, we have never been more vulnerable to a terror attack. This cannot stand another year.

  3. Defund Planned Parenthood

    Republicans will never have as much momentum behind defunding Planned Parenthood as they do now. Given the shocking video exposésof their harvesting and selling of baby organs and the fact that the organization is under criminal investigation, there is no excuse for Republicans to grant them new taxpayer funds. Besides, there is never a bad time to defund taxpayer-funded murder.

  4. Stop Arming Syrian Rebels and Iraq ArmyWe should not spend another dime and another year arming rebels in Syria that are either infiltrated or over-run by Al Qaeda. Ditto for the Iraqi army, which is either inept or a proxy for Iran. Let’s stop arming our enemies and save ourselves hundreds of millions while we are at it. What is so disconcerting is that Syed Farook, the San Bernardino terrorist, had contacts with Al Nusra, the very terror group that has received light and heavy arms from our very own CIA. This cannot be allowed to continue.
  5. Stop Aid to the Palestinian Authority

    It’s never a bad time to stop funding the Palestinians. But with the sick stabbing intifada under way in Israel, and now under way in some U.S. cities,isn’t it time we end the $500 million in U.S. aid to this decedent and corrupt organization? Republicans should also defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Every year, the U.S. contributes roughly $275 million a year to this multinational group that has long harbored Palestinian terrorists under the guise of humanitarian aid. Republicans should force Democrats into the awkward position defending terrorists.

  6. Block Obama’s Jailbreak

    In addition to setting criminal aliens free, Obama has made it the top priorityof his final year to let out as many violent criminals from the federal prison system as possible. Instead of fighting his jailbreak, Republicans at all levels, including Paul Ryan, are seeking to codify his agenda with legislative jailbreak. Republicans would be wise to reverse course and defund any additional prison release for the remainder of this presidency.

  7. Block Gun Control

    Given everything that is transpiring with the aforementioned issues — record Islamic immigration, rampant criminal aliens, and mass prison releases — there is no time of greater danger for the American people than now. Consequently, the Second Amendment is more important than ever. Yet, in all likelihood Obama will pull the trigger on gun restrictions via administrative fiat during his final year. Republicans must insert a provision prohibiting any new administrative regulation on firearms or ammo during the next fiscal year.

  8. Block Environmental Regulations

    Even if by some miracle Obama is thwarted from implementing his societal changes and threatening our security, he is inexorably committed to remaking our economy through last minute energy regulations. He already announced his intentionto cut carbon emissions of power plants by 32%, essentially ensuring that not a single new power plant will be built on our soil. Give that energy is the lifeblood of our economy and Obama’s final year in office will likely be spent targeting that lifeblood, Republicans must preempt this plan by prohibiting the promulgation of any new regulations on power plants for the rest of his presidency.

  9. Block Obama’s Social Engineering in the Military

    Last week, Obama’s Defense Secretary announced a shocking plan to coerce all military service branches into opening every single combat position to women. Even if this wasn’t a time of war, such a move is absurd, dangerous, and further degrades the morale and combat readiness of our military.The Marine Corp conducted a painstaking studyon this issue and found conclusively that placing women in direct ground combat unity, much less Special Forces, would harm their effectiveness. A recent survey showed near unanimity of opinion among special operators in opposition to women joining their ranks. By allowing this new edict to slide, as most Republicans plan to do, they will be complicit in causing irrevocable damage on our military at a time of grave national security concerns.

  10. They must attack a provision to defense funding blocking the Pentagon from implementing their women in combat plan against the wishes of the commanders in the field.

Don’t hold your breath for Republicans to fight in a meaningful was on any of the aforementioned issues. But it’s important to reflect upon the common sense actions a legitimate opposition party in control of the congressional purse strings would take in defense of the nation’s sovereignty, security, and society.

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