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Dan Bongino: Hey, GOP! Your voters are ‘PISSED’ over Kavanaugh circus!

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CRTV podcast host Dan Bongino thinks conservative voters are fired up to vote in the midterm elections as new allegations of sexual misconduct have been thrown at Judge Brett Kavanaugh with no supporting evidence.

Speaking on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, Bongino reacted to the new allegations, calling the timing "extremely suspicious."

A second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, made new allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh in a New Yorker story by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer published Sunday night. Ramirez claims that while she and Kavanaugh were students at Yale, they were both drunk at a dorm party where Kavanaugh exposed himself to her. Ramirez admits her memory is not clear and that there are "significant gaps" that left her uncertain the man who she says exposed himself was Kavanaugh. Additionally, the New Yorker did not confirm with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was at the party. Others alleged to be involved deny the incident happened.

"We see the same pattern now emerging. Decades-old allegations with no corroboration that's significant — not even significant enough to meet journalistic standards, I mean the New Yorker almost admits that — and no evidence, which means that Judge Kavanaugh can't possibly get his name and reputation back if he is innocent in this," Bongino said.

"This is not a consequence-free environment," Bongino added, noting that Kavanaugh's reputation is being destroyed.

As a former Secret Service agent, Bongino said the lack of evidence means there's nothing to investigate. Because a criminal investigation cannot be conducted, Bongino said the matter is entirely political and criticized Senate Democrats for preventing the Senate from conducting its role of "advise and consent" by withholding information from the Republicans. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said in a statement that the committee's majority staff learned about the new allegations in the New Yorker's article. Grassley said Democratic staff knew of the new allegations and did not inform Republican staffers.

"How do you expect the Senate to advise and consent 0n anything if one side of the political aisle will not share the information?" Bongino asked. "I mean, these are really basic questions we should all be asking, and the Republican Party's gotta get savvy to this. It's time to move on and take a vote. If they blow this, the political ramifications — take it to the bank and cash that check — are going to be severe."

Prompted by Fox host Steve Doocy, Bongino elaborated on why conservative voters demand that Senate Republicans put a stop to the Democrats' tactics.

"The Republican base, Steve, is pissed. They're fired up! This was the one thing a lot of people came out and voted for Donald Trump for," Bongino said.

"The fact that no corroborating evidence has produced itself and the timing being so suspicious, Republican voters aren't stupid. They're starting to figure out that the Democrats have another agenda here."

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