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Jim Jordan will run for speaker, creating opportunity for conservatives

Conservative Review


Jordan made the announcement official in a letter sent to his colleagues.

Praising President Trump’s record on the economy and citing his pledge to “drain the Swamp,” Jordan tells his colleagues many Americans “believe that our congressional majorities have let them down.”

“Beyond tax relief and regulatory reform, the American people want us to follow through with our promises,” he writes.

Making his case, Jordan revisits the government shutdown fight from last January, in which Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., “shut down the government because he wanted amnesty for illegal immigrants.” Jordan argues that Republicans “forfeited” by reopening the government without having a debate on leveraging Schumer’s radical position to cut spending before reopening the government.

“If we couldn’t harness the discipline to do the right thing on non-defense discretionary spending, how will we ever find the courage to do the right thing on fixing Medicare, Social Security, and other entitlements?” Jordan asks his colleagues.

Jordan says that if Congress were to keep promises to repeal Obamacare, pass welfare reform with work requirements, build Trump’s border wall, make the Trump tax cuts permanent, defund Planned Parenthood, and enact “meaningful, immediate spending cuts” to end “$1 trillion deficits,” voters “would be inspired to give us a chance to run [Congress] again.”

He also urges Republicans to begin discussions on reforming Congress after the August recess, not waiting until after the election in November to begin changes. He suggests decentralizing power, giving House committees more control over whom they elect to chairmanships, and reiterates that he is “fully committed” keeping Republicans in control of the House of Representatives.

Jordan’s letter is focused on urging Republicans to enact conservative legislation before the election. In fact, Jordan doesn’t mention his candidacy for speaker until the end of his letter, where he declares his intention to run “to bring real change to Congress.”

“President Trump has taken bold action on behalf of the American people. Congress has not held up its end of the deal, but we can change that.”

“It’s time to do what we said,” Jordan concludes.

The original article, written before Jordan's letter was circulated, is below.

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