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Levin: What do Chuck Schumer and the Democrats 'want to do about climate change? Control the economy'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin roasted Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who called on the Senate to pass more aggressive climate change legislation earlier Thursday.

"It's very hot out, and he knows his base is stupid as hell. And so the base: 'You know it is, it is hot out!' And climate change, they confuse that with weather change and the change of the seasons. It's hot in the summer, it's cold in the winter. So when it's hot in the summer it's climate change, when it's cold in the summer it's climate change, when it's hot in the winter it's climate change, when it's cold in the winter it's climate change. When there's more rain, less rain, hurricanes, no hurricanes, tornadoes — how can you lose? How can you lose this argument? Particularly with the kook base."


"It's an ideological device," Levin said. "Now what do they want to do about climate change, seriously? Control the economy. Well, who would control the economy? Raise your hand. Yeah, yeah, you, over there. 'Government.' Exactly! Now who in the government is smart enough to control climate change? Anyone at the Agriculture Department? No. Interior Department? No. Energy? No. What are they going to do, pass a law? It's so preposterous."

Levin pointed out the inconsistency of climate change with the other items on Schumer's political agenda.

"Tell me: If Chuck Schumer were really concerned about carbon dioxide emissions in America, which of course we human beings expel, then why doesn't he support closing the border in order to limit the number of people who come into America, and thereby reduce carbon emissions? Right?"

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