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Levin: Mueller report shows it was 'all BS, from top to bottom'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told listeners what they needed to know about the 448-page Mueller report on the investigation into the 2016 election, a redacted version of which was released earlier Thursday.

"The Hillary campaign, the DNC, and the Obama administration — either overtly or otherwise — created this scam, and pursued this scam, criminalized this scam, and they're still at it. This is a 400-page report, two volumes. I'm not going to sit here and read it to you, what is it the Bible? What is Mueller, Moses? Did he come down from Mount Sinai? It's a crap report. Volume two has almost no redactions. You want to know why volume two as almost no redactions, the obstruction volume? Because it's all crap. It's not based on serious prosecutorial examination and investigation, it's one long New York Times op-ed," Levin said.


"All BS, from top to bottom, from left to right. And now, Volume I, dealing with collusion, nobody even talks about. 'No, no collusion. Now let's get to obstruction!'," Levin said.

The report reveals the investigation continued to operate for a long time, despite knowing there was no collusion, Levin pointed out.

"The prosecutor says in his report, and I paraphrase, 'Look. Look, the fact is, we could have subpoenaed the president to appear before the grand jury, and we believe we would have won, but look, we were near the end of the investigation, we had pretty much all the information we needed, so we didn't want to prolong it.' Now think about that. Think about that. That is a confession. 'Of what, Mark?' That is a confession by Mueller and his team that they knew for a very long time that there was not collusion. That is a confession by Mueller and his team that they never needed the president's in-person testimony," Levin said. "And so what did they do? They tried to set the president up."

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