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NY Times highlights victim of HuffPost doxxing

Conservative Review

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Times chimes in … I’ve been telling you about how HuffPost doxxed a Twitter user and her extended family. The New York Times weighed in, highlighting how a grocery and café in Brooklyn owned by the Twitter user’s brother lost business because of the article. The brother had nothing to do with the Twitter user’s activity on social media. The Twitter user’s sister-in-law said, “By 8:15, we were completely empty.”

HuffPost’s Luke O’Brien mentioned that the Twitter user’s brother “runs a popular restaurant and craft beer bar in Brooklyn that also bears the family name.”

HuffPost’s editor-in-chief, Lydia Polgreen, has a short quote in the Times article complaining about the blowback the organization received for publishing the article. There is no remorse for doxxing a family member who had nothing to do with the social media activity of his sister; just some platitudes about covering the “hate” beat. Hate means, of course, whatever HuffPost wants it to mean.

This sort of doxxing isn’t just for online sites like HuffPost. You’ll remember that CNN sent a reporter to the house of a random Facebook user who had shared what the network termed “Russian propaganda.” The media will seize any chance it can to punish its enemies.

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