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Vote Alert: Support Obama's War on Suburbs

Conservative Review

This vote was a procedural vote to kill an amendment offered by Senator Lee that would have defunded implementation of a Department of Housing and Urban Development rule that basically federalizes zoning laws and encourages the forced economic diversification of neighborhoods. Rhetorically speaking this rule is a war on the suburbs as it uses the power of federal government to centrally plan out neighborhoods. The rule is a massive power grab by progressive bureaucrats to allow them to conduct large-scale social experiments with real neighborhoods by forcing the collection of data that will be used to evaluate whether communities meet Washington guidelines and quotas on race, economic, and other factors. The result will undermine local representation and push localities into more regional government structures that ultimately answer to Washington D.C. The vote to kill the amendment was agreed to on May 19, 2016 in a roll call vote of 60-37.

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Conservative position: NO

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