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What my social media thinks of Trump

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Build a wall. Repeal Obamacare. Cut taxes. Repeal DACA. Move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Defund Planned Parenthood. “Lock her up.”

None of that has happened as President Donald Trump promised it would — over and over again. There are even #DrainTheSwamp tweets from the president with more than 100,000 likes and 42,000 retweets to prove it.

So who is to blame for this? As you’re about to see, my social media following’s response to this question pretty much mirrors what we’re seeing across the board in the not-Democrat coalition: Most don’t believe President Trump is an innocent bystander or victim. But those who do believe it really, really, really believe it.

My own Twitter poll on the matter put the blame squarely on Trump himself to the tune of 67 percent, followed by the GOP Congress at 27 percent, the liberal media at 4 percent, and Trump’s staff at 2 percent.

That last number stands out because it seems to be in inverse proportion to the amount of time that is spent focusing on the WH staff, both within the administration and the media (with the past two weeks’ departures of Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, and Anthony Scaramucci perfectly embodying that imbalance).

This is the point in the story where we find out that not only has Trump Cult not lost faith in their chosen one, but they will rationalize his impotence as all the more reason to celebrate his place in the political universe. Sure, it was awesome when he beat Hillary, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Just wait till he gets outmaneuvered by John McCain and all the angels blow their trumpets!

Exemplifying this viewpoint was one Debi Cantu on my Facebook wall:

I am so sick of everyone blaming Trump! If this was a business, he would have turned it around by now, that’s what he knows, that's what he does. Being the President does not give you carte blanche to rewrite the laws (except if you're Obama). I can just sense Trump’s frustration with D.C. And his so-called party. I applaud him in the efforts he has put forth, and his ability to make the best of it. I hope he tightens the screws now to the politicians for failing to fix our healthcare. Take away their exemptions, make them look like fools and hopefully they'll get their act together for the rest of his term! Keep on tweeting and FB.

What was the effort Trump put forth on repealing Obamacare Debi referred to? Other than a couple of tweets and one press avail, Trump outsourced the whole thing to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Then POTUS was shocked when two guys known for not keeping their promises to conservatives … didn’t keep their promises to conservatives. So much winning. If only I had ears to hear and a soul to sell, perhaps I, too, could see “the best of it.” Like these other poll respondents on Twitter, who had a different view (my response in italics):

-@SusanChanc “The poll is nonsensical - Trump is keeping his campaign promises.” This was her response to actual proof he’s not keeping his promises. That’s called cognitive dissonance, boys and girls.

-@ella_soes “Trump himself? Who's voting that? Come on, damn it. He’s human not a god. Hold the haters, backstabbers & liars accountable.” But don’t hold accountable the guy who has all the power to keep his promises, got it.

-@KahnStephen “As an objective observer: this poll is a mirror of how many of your followers are devout NeverTrumpers to the bitter end.” Because nothing says “objective” quite like over-generalizations and red herrings that don’t actually answer the question.

-@Amor2Terry “I would argue that he has kept more promises than any president I remember. And he’s only 6 months in.” I would argue you believe history began six months ago.

“Like him or not, Obama was able to get his agenda passed,” said Rhonda Hendricks Strauss on Facebook. “A man who never ran so much as a lemonade stand. Trump, the supposed great businessman, cant even keep his house in order.”

From Colt Lewis, also on Facebook: “Trump was lying to get elected. He never believed any of it, he has been a NYC liberal all his life. Trump has given the GOP cover and an excuse to lurch left of center, which they have wanted to do for many years. His whole campaign was fake. There is only one party in DC.”

So, it’s settled then, right? This is all Trump’s fault.

Not so fast, my friend. Because there is one more dominant response to my poll that keeps coming up with frequency and vigor — despite not even being one of the options I provided my followers.

That would be disappointment with the Republican primary voters who handed Trump the nomination in the first place.

“GOP primary voters were uninformed and easily convinced by [Trump’s] antics and bravado,” said Ginger Caballero.

Mary Beth White: “For too long, Americans have not been voting for freedom. They have been voting for ‘safety,’ ‘security’ and ‘largesse’ instead of for ‘freedom’ and ‘personal responsibility’ [and Trump tapped into that].”

Indeed, if you believe that God is sovereign and just, and in government by the consent of the governed, then we get the leaders we deserve. Therefore, disappointment in Trump begins with disappointment in us.

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