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Wut? Illinois cuts disabled kids' aid to pay illegals' Medicaid

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Here’s your “America’s screwed-up priorities” story of the day from the progressive-infested land of corruption, the state of Illinois.

In late April, the state House of Representatives passed a bill to expand the so-called “All Kids” health care program in order to provide comprehensive, taxpayer-subsidized health benefits to illegal aliens under the age of 18. (The initial expansions of the bloated, out-of-control program to illegal immigrants were the brainchild of now-imprisoned corruptocrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich.) According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the program “has already cost the state over $500 million, and audits conducted by the Illinois Auditor General indicate that nearly 70% of enrollees and 65% of the total cost of the program comes from illegal aliens.”

GOP State Rep. Bill Mitchell noted that “between 2009 and 2014 Illinois spent $320 million on health coverage for undocumented immigrants and the expanded ALL KIDS plan.  None of the costs were matched by the federal government.  Illinois taxpayers paid the entire cost.”

Open-borders lobbyists have waged an intense campaign for the Medicaid expansion to their imported masses of future Democrat voters. One leading illegal alien rights’ operative reminded politicians that “Illinois led the nation with bipartisan measures to remove barriers for undocumented immigrants to work, create jobs and thrive with the passage in 2011 of the Illinois DREAM Act and Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses Program.”

Last week, the Illinois Senate Human Services Committee passed the Medicaid for Illegal Alien Kids bill on a 6-1 vote. It now moves on to the full Senate.

Not represented at the hearing: Americans who continue to get shortchanged at the expense of the government’s open-borders largesse.

Christine Chalkey, the mother of a severely disabled teenage son named Jake, has fought for years to contrast the endless expansion of illegal alien benefits with the plight of children like hers who have seen their Medicaid benefits shrink. She pointed out in 2013:

Funding their care directs the program’s resources away from people like my son and thousands of other legal citizens of the state. “It is so disheartening knowing legislators cut services for the 1,000 medically fragile, disabled children in Illinois who are citizens but did not cut out one of the over 75,000 men, women and children in this same program who are not citizens.

Chalkey had been scheduled to testify at the state Senate hearing last week, but was cut off before the vote. More here:

She may not have been heard by the Illinois pols last week, but her voice cannot be suppressed. Chalkey is a relentless advocate for her sick child. I met her and her wonderful son in Chicago last month.

Imagine if American politicians were as fierce in their advocacy for families like the Chalkeys as they are for law-breakers.


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