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Bill Maher Defends Mohammed Remarks, Unapologetically a 'Proud Westerner


CNN's Wolf Blitzer guesses that Bill Maher's comments last week created "a buzz" on the internet, but Maher stands by his statement about the ‘alarming’ number of ‘baby Mohammeds’ in England.

During a sit-down interview with Blitzer, Maher said that he felt no need to “apologize for being a proud Westerner” or for worrying about “Muslim people are in these [Western] societies" having babies "at a faster clip than non-Muslims.” He went on to clarify his position as a Westerner, or "someone who believes in the values that Western people believe in that a lot of the Muslim world does not, like separation of church and state..."

"I would like to keep those values here," Maher concluded.

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