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The Best Moments From MSNBC's 'Apocalyptic Night


"Would you say, 'call me Dick?'"

We've brought you some of MSNBC's "best" moments from last night's election coverage (here, here, here, here, here, and especially here). But the crew over at the Daily Beast has a few more irresistible clips (and some great headlines) from what they're calling MSNBC's "apocalyptic night":

O’Donnell: Rand Paul Will Bring the Apocalypse

Matthews: “Would You Say, ‘Call Me Dick?’”

Olbermann: Tea Party Is ‘Universal Solvent’

Watch all the Daily Beast's Clips and read their descriptions.


Not to be left out, Townhall captured this moment from an MSNBC guest. First, the setup:

Here's the young, pretty, Democrat Latino, Alicia Menendez, race hustling her party's latest target, Marco Rubio: the newly-elected and highly-talented Senator from Florida. On the one hand, liberals complain (like NBC's Chuck Todd did just a moment ago) that the GOP is "all white men," but if a female, a black, a Latino, etc. identifies themselves as a Republican, they are, as Alicia Menendez says here, not the "real deal." In other words, if you are not a white male and choose to freely identify as a Republican, you are a betrayer to your sex (females); you are an Uncle Tom or you "act white" (blacks); you are "white washed" or not the "real deal" (Latinos).

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