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Radical Muslim Cleric 'Postpones' Shariah D.C. Rally


"the call for the Shariah is a universal one and it must be implemented immediately"

Radical UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary has postponed his Thursday "Sharia4America" rally in front of the White House. According to a video posted on his website, Choudary blamed a variety of factors for the postponement, including the media "distorting" his message.

“In light of the fact that many people have given us advice from the Muslim community, both in Britain and in America, and from our scholars like Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed and others, that it is better to postpone the call for the Sharia in Washington, outside of the White Hosue today, we will be postponing the protest outside the White House.” Choudary said in the almost 15-minute video.

Still, Choudary didn't back down from his message, saying that "the call for the Shariah is a universal one and it must be implemented immediately wherever we are in the world":

Choudary, whose Islamic organization has been banned in the UK, also went on to paint America as an oppressor, saying its women are raped, its people are robbed, and its citizens are the victims of income inequality.

The Daily Caller reports that Florida pastor Terry Jones, who last fall threatened to burn a Koran, still planned to move forward with his scheduled counter-protest, despite Choudary canceling his own.

Almost immediately after news of Choudary's rally broke many questioned if it would happen. Not only were some skeptical if he would be allowed into the country, but odd images on his website, as well as the Sharia4America website, depicting the White House as a mosque and the Statue of Liberty in the burqa, led some to question if it was a hoax. Additionally, The Blaze contacted the U.S. Parks Service which oversees such D.C. events, and no one had taken out the required rally permit.

While it seems the website for the event wasn't a hoax, Choudary's video and postponement raises questions about whether or not he ever intended to go through with the rally in the first place.

Either way, the new video -- and even the old websites-- confirm the voraciousness and seriousness of his message. In fact, Sharia4America posted a new video on it's website yesterday solidifying that very message:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/S1Hj7rgY2Y0?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

Choudary said the Shariah4America could be rescheduled in the future once "more Muslims" come together and create an "even bigger push" for Shariah law to be implemented in America and throughout the world.

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