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Ohio Town Removes 'Easter' From Egg Hunt


"Stop the headache. Just let the kids have their day."

We're familiar with the "war on Christmas," but what about the war on Easter? It looks like it's starting.

An Ohio town has decided that the local East egg hunt is just too exclusive, and decided to rename this weekend's seasonal event to "The Spring Egg Hunt." Doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?

The controversy in Munson Township centers around the event being sponsored by taxpayers. A private sponsor has come forward, however, and is now offering to foot the bill: reports:

Still, township trustees are opting to call this year's Easter weekend event "The Spring Egg Hunt."

Dance choreographer Matt Martsolf works with kids every day and has a few of his own. His opinion about what to call this year's egg hunt is shared with dance clients.

"Stop the headache. Just let the kids have their day," Martsolf said.

"It's traditionally been called an Easter egg hunt for years and years and people are little bit too touchy," client Michelle Nelson said.

Munson homebuilder Enzo Perfetto is putting up the $600 to put the sponsorship in private hands and the Easter back in the egg hunt.

The decision to have the egg hunt privately sponsored is under review by the county prosecutor.

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