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Former Egyptian MP Has Screaming Breakdown on TV Over Soccer Deaths


"Is this the outcome we hoped for?!"

Yesterday, over 70 Egyptians diedfrom the pandemonium that resulted after fans stormed the field at the end of a soccer match. Some may have reacted in anger, others in disgust. Former Egyptian National Soccer Team goalkeeper, also a former MP, Ahmed Shobair displayed those emotions and more in a screeching, emotional speech on Egyptian TV.

The Middle East translation site MEMRI captured the breakdown and provides a transcript:

Dear viewers, there are 13 dead in Port Said hospital, 11 dead in Ismailiya hospital, and 11 dead in another hospital... All this in a soccer match. There are three lying dead in the stadium. This happened in a soccer match between Egyptians and Egyptians - [the casualties are] among the supporters of Al-Ahly and of Al-Masry, as well as among the security personnel in the stadium.

People died over a soccer match. Is this the outcome we hoped for?! Is this what we wanted?! People dying in a soccer match?! In the heart of Egyptian soccer?!


Why? Whether Al-Ahly wins or Al-Masry wins - why should there be any dead?! Why are people dying in Egypt? Because of a soccer match?! Because of crazy people?! Why?!

You can watch the incredibly moving clip below:

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