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Clusterf**k' & 'Mass Cult': See the Epic Compilation of Atheist Interviews from the Reason Rally


"Get your religion out of my girl panties!"

Do you really want to know what atheists think about Christianity in America? How about President Obama's handling of faith issues? In our new video compilation, "This Is What an Atheist Looks Like!," we'll show you, in non-believers' own words, what they think about the concept of God, Christianity, their role in the political system and plenty more.

As we've reported, over the weekend thousands of non-theists graced Washington, D.C. with a fierce and boisterous presence. The Blaze was on hand to bring you the inside scoop. Along the way, we met anti-religious persons of all stripes at a secular lobbying training event and during the Reason Rally.

From insanely inappropriate language about faith and religion to respectful disagreement, the "freethinkers" we encountered were diverse in terms of tactics and tone. Their main points of agreement with one another? There's no God, no afterlife and absolutely no room for belief in the "supernatural."

We decided to ask numerous leaders in the atheist movement and Reason Rally attendees four key questions:

  • What brings you to Reason Rally?
  • If you could deliver any message to Christians in America, what would it be?
  • If you could condense Christianity into one or two words, what would they be?
  • How has President Barack Obama handled the secular community in America?

From insightful to down-right-bizarre, the atheistic responses we gathered were intriguing to say the least. One woman said, "Get your religion out of my girl panties." Another claimed that Christianity can best be framed as "ignorant." James Randi, a well-known magician and one of the event speakers, told The Blaze that Christians should "grow up" and that any religious person is essentially living in the "14th century."

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Here are a few of the other labels given to Christianity: "Irrational," "false dogma," "mass cult," "anti-intellectualism," "popular," "clusterf**k," "authoritarian," "paternalistic" and "overwhelmingly fundamentalist."

Watch the hilarity in "This Is What an Atheist Looks Like!," below:

The Blaze's Benny Johnson contributed to this report.

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