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Soledad knocks Bay Buchanan off '47 percent' message: 'I'm going to keep you on this...


On CNN this morning Bay Buchanan, adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign, said Romney's "47 percent" remark was a matter of the candidate "talking politics."

"As a candidate, he can't worry about those he can't get," Buchanan said on Starting Point. "That's the first thing you do in a campaign." Buchanan went on to talk about what she called "the real problem."

Buchanan continued, "Twenty-three million Americans trying to find work, that is the real problem." Anchor Soledad O'Brien whipped the car around. "I fully understand the strategy is to turn to the real problem and talk about something else, but I'm going to keep you on this for the moment and we can talk about the real problem maybe a little bit later on."

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