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Nearly 5 Million Hits in 2 Days: Snoop Dogg Pretends to Be Moses in Strange Rap Duel Against Santa


"Stop with the unpaid labor, and let my little people go"

(Photo: YouTube)

An absolutely bizarre music video has garnered nearly 5 million hits in just 2 days on YouTube.  In keeping with the holiday season, rapper Snoop Dogg played the part of Moses, while having a battle of words with Santa Claus.

According to E! Online, the video was made as part of an "Epic Rap Battles of History" YouTube series.

After the two are introduced, Santa begins irreverently:

Sweet robes, Obi.  One too many days in the sun?

Stop preaching, homie.  Teach your flock to covet some fun

I bring joy every  year, man I represent cheer

You represent sandals and a scraggly beard

I'm from the North Pole, that's why my rhymes are so cold

I spit diamonds, but I'm serving up some fresh coal

You've been a naughty boy; you brought a plague of frogs

You best arrest yourself; you broke your own law

Or was there something in rule six I didn't understand?

My list says 'killed Egyptian dude' -- buried him in sand

(Photo: YouTube)

After "Santa" continues in a similar vein, the music slows and Snoop Dogg blows out a puff of smoke.

He counters, taking aim at Santa Claus:

When I was high upon the mountain God revealed the truths of the earth

But he never mentioned a fat a** Papa Smurf

It takes 9 reindeers to haul your fat a**

You took the Christ out of Christmas and just added more mass

You need to stop breaking into houses and creeping and peeping on naughty kids when they're sleeping...

You ain't a saint, you a slaver like a pharaoh in the snow

Stop with the unpaid labor, and let my little people go

After Santa's elves protest, saying they are "magical workers" and not unpaid labor, Snoop Dogg says he has a new "commandizzle for the group."

"Though shall not let children sit on a grown man's lap at the mall," he declares.

Snoop Dogg concludes by saying he's going to "walk off into the land of my milk and honies," following a scantily clad back-up dancer.

Here is the entire video (content warning):



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