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Your Kids Could Be Playing a 'Simpsons' Game with Buried Anti-NRA, Anti-Gun Messages


"I eat my cereal every morning with a gun instead of a spoon."

A "Simpsons" video game designed for mobile devices has some in the pro-gun community up in arms.

"The Simpsons: Tapped Out" game by EA apparently holds an anti-NRA message buried deep within the game. And by "deep" we mean those who make it to level 30 and received a content update for the game, released May 31 for Apple iOS and Android devices. At this level, gamers find themselves around Herman's Military Antique shop.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out game for Android and iOS devices. (Image: EA)

We've pulled out a few quotes (via SimpsonsWiki.net) from the level that appear to be upsetting some people, but be sure to check out the gallery below with screenshots for more [emphasis added]:

  • "You're the perfect gun owner! Step inside!" -- Herman, a veteran character who owns the shop, to Grandpa Simpson who just got done telling him how poor his vision is, how his aim is terrible and how he mistakes loved ones for intruders.

  • Bart: Hey, Milhouse, want to go check out the new gun shop in town? Milhouse: Of course! After all, the NRA says it’s the safest place for kids. Bart: They also say us kids should sleep under a blanket made of loaded guns. You know -- for safety. Milhouse: I eat my cereal every morning with a gun instead of a spoon. Because more guns everywhere means safer kids. Thanks, NRA!

  • Police Chief Wiggum: I’d like to purchase this AK-47, please. Will you need to run a background check on me? Herman: Of course not. That would infringe on your Constitutional right to never be inconvenienced -- even in the tiniest, most reasonable way -- when guns are involved.

  • Wiggum to convenience shop owner Apu: You do realize it’s now illegal to operate a store that doesn’t sell firearms? It’s all part of the “How Else May We Serve, Oh Wise and Powerful NRA?” Act. You’re going to jail!

  • Marge Simpson: We need to organize to protest these terrible laws that our shutting down our God-given stores. Herman, are you in?

Here are a few screenshots posted on Imgur of the interactions between characters relating to firearms:

The wiki page states at the end that it never thought gamers would play Tapped Out long enough to merit a level 30.

"Sorry about level 30, guys. If you promise not to gripe to EA too much, everybody can have three donuts," Wiggum says in the game.

TheBlaze has not played the game to this level but reached out to EA for comment multiple times and did not receive a response.

A forum on EA's website has some discussion about the messages within level 30.

"Is anyone else surprised at how political this new questline is? The Simpsons, when political, has always seemed gently so, but this is pretty rough stuff. Not surprised the writers feel this way, just surprised to see it so nakedly displayed in the game," the gamer going by shaygitz wrote.

Some called it in line with The Simpsons' usual satirical humor while others said it was "so far out of character."

A blogger -- TSTO Tips -- who posts screenshots and the dialog of the levels for the game wrote that he received death threats from some who mistook his posting of the game's conversation as his own commentary.

Let us know what you think of the topic of this level of the game by taking our poll:



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