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Ex-Victoria's Secret Model Who Quit for Christ Wants to Put a Twist on Your Clothes


"My number one goal was to honor the Lord with everything I do."

She used to wear as little clothes as possible, but after a change of heart she now wants to make a living by putting them on.

Kylie Bisutti's fame exploded after she willingly left behind a vibrant modeling career with Victoria's Secret in an effort to more fervently honor her faith. Two years later, she is celebrating the launch of a Bible-inspired clothing line -- one she's hoping will spread the Christian messages of hope and salvation.

In an interview with TheBlaze, Bisutti explained her motivation to form God Inspired Fashion, a company that promises "a new style of Christian clothing" for people of all ages. Bisutti said she spent the last few years looking for faith-based clothing, as sporting fabrics with Bible verses is just one of the channels through which she regularly shares her faith.

Kylie Bisutti left her modeling career with Victoria's Secret and has launched a new Bible-inspired fashion line. (Tynedale House Publishers/AP)

"Something I like to do is wear shirts like 'I love my husband' or 'I heart my husband.' My husband wears them, I wear them," she said. "I like wearing Christian shirts that have things about my faith on them, but I never found a clothing line that had denim blazers -- things that that you can wear to the workplace or to a nice function."

After her aunt approached her with the idea for a clothing line, Bisutti said  she simply couldn't resist jumping at the opportunity. Considering her own search for inspirational clothing, the opportunity to launch the unique endeavor made perfect sense.

"God brought it all together," she said of the plans to launch the fashion line. "I really thought it would be awesome to have a fashion line that was found on spreading God's word."

While the company's website launched last month, attention to the initiative didn't catch fire until this week.

Messages like "Do not be misled; 'Bad company corrupts good character'" (1 Corinthians 15:33) and "Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7) -- and many others -- are present on men's, women's and children's garments.

Bisutti said the verses and messages for T-shirts, pants and other apparel were selected with great care.

"A lot of my family members really just researched and found verses that they believed would make an impact, or make someone think -- or give someone hope," Bisutti said.

Bisutti said she hopes to empower young people to represent God through her clothing, but has another goal: with a fading emphasis placed on faith in public schools, she wants to offer an uplifting gesture to kids in need, bringing these messages to young people in schools.

"For me personally, I know that when I was in high school I went through a time when I was hopeless and depressed in my life -- and I did not know the Lord," Bisutti said.

After a girl brought her to a Christian youth group and she read the Bible for the first time, Bisutti's life changed. She's hoping that God Inspired Fashion can spark the same reaction in young people who also find themselves downtrodden when they encounter her products.

"One of our main goals is to be able to share uplifting Bible verses that may give some of these students hope if they're dealing with a really tough time in their lives," she said.

Credit: God Inspired Fashion

So far, Bisutti says the reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable. Christians have been writing in with letters of support, although some atheists have taken issue with the clothing. In particular, nonbelievers have conveyed that they object to children being coerced into wearing items with overtly Christian messaging. Bisutti shrugged off these critiques.

"Most of the kids whose parents buy the clothes is because the kids want to wear it," she said.

While she has been offered numerous opportunities on television -- and was even approached by "Dancing With the Stars" -- Bisutti is avoiding any and all opportunities that would cause her to compromise the Christian values and the modesty that she's espoused.

"My number one goal was to honor the Lord with everything I do," she said.

You can find Bisutti's clothing line here and check out her recent book, "I'm No Angel: from Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model." Bisutti and her husband are also expecting their first child.



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