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Today is TheBlaze's 3rd Birthday -- check out these facts!


TheBlaze is three years old!

You have made a remarkable story possible.

The story involves a few amazing numbers.

We built and launched the site in just seven weeks in the summer of 2010.

Total launch team -- four employees.

I can't tell you the total launch budget. It was so small that you would probably laugh.

I predicted we would do 2-4 million page views in the first month.


We did almost 2 million page views the first day.

Over 35 million page views in the first month.

Since launch we have posted over 40,000 stories and blog posts.

What was the #1 story? That one about Ashton Kutcher and hard work. Over 4.3 million views so far. Close to 800,000 Facebook likes. Thanks Ashton!

Biggest traffic day? Election day 2012. Over 9 million page views.

More numbers in a minute.

From our first planning meeting, our hope was that TheBlaze would be more than just another news website. We wanted it to stand for something. We wanted to pursue and post a wide range of stories about all of life. To ask tough questions knowing that The Truth Has No Agenda. We wanted to weave together a tapestry of the day's events and then look for wisdom larger than the day.

Many stories are serious. Some silly. Some frightening. Some are just awesome and inspiring. Sometimes the news requires looking at evil. But it can also find the moments that are noble and lovely.

We started with the hot news on the front page and lively analysis on The Blog. But we knew there would be more.

Our first beat reporters didn't cover politics. That was on purpose. There is more to life than politics! We first launched a section on Faith. Then Technology. Then Business. Millions of you have watched our live BlazeCast.

We have added a Contributors section. Close to 500 people have written commentary there. We've focused on Books. You guys love to read.

And we knew TheBlaze would be more than just a site to hit on your computer.

The print edition of TheBlaze magazine is one of our favorite things.

You now hear fantastic talk hosts on TheBlaze Radio Network. And reliable, to-the-point news breaks on Sirius/XM Patriot.

As GBTV exploded in popularity, with hundreds of thousands of online subscribers, Glenn Beck made the decision to merge operations and take TheBlaze TV to cable and satellite as fast as possible.

Our television network will mark its second anniversary in less than two weeks. We have a big evening of special programming planned for the evening of 9/12.

Current count: 29 different TV providers have added TheBlaze to their channel line ups.

Viewers are able to watch over 44 hours of original programming each week.

We've also had the pleasure of meeting many of you at live events across the country. We'll be doing more of that.

We want TheBlaze to be there for you all day long in every direction. Online. On-air. In print. In person.

Think about this -- over 200 million people have been to TheBlaze at some point in the past three years.

We're getting close to 3 billion page views.

Over 1,000,000 of you are registered to comment on the site.

Soon, we'll have that many receiving our daily FireWire e-mail. Sign up here.

We have over 200,000 followers on Twitter and well over 400,000 on Facebook.  Please follow us!

This is not a casual request.  Many progressive sites have millions of fans.  People often ask me, "What can we do to change the media culture in this country?" Well...you can help and the first step is easy. Click here.

At first, our "virtual" team was scattered. Now, we have a major newsroom in New York City.

Our massive studio in Dallas is more than just the heart of TheBlaze TV -- it stands for a level of quality and innovation in multimedia storytelling that is unlike anything anywhere else.

We are about to open a large bureau in Washington, DC. It's time to bring our "outside the Beltway" approach right to the decision makers in our nation's capital.

You'll see more stories from other countries. We already have a full-time correspondent in the Middle East.

And this is just the beginning.

All the numbers I've mentioned are not meant as a way of boasting. We take those numbers as a responsibility. To look for truth and to tell it.

You have posted over 5 million comments on TheBlaze.

You have visited from 241 countries and territories. Hi to the one guy in Niue. And the two in North Korea.

When we launched, only 6% of your were visiting TheBlaze on your phones and tablets. Now that number is more like 30%. Some days over 40%. Get TheBlaze App! We love that you take us with you through out your day. And we want to get better at listening to you.

Right now we are one of the top 100 websites in the United States!

As this month ends, the number of people visiting TheBlaze will be nine times greater than visited in our first month. That's 18 million unique visitors to TheBlaze this month. A number nine times greater than our first month. And our first month blew us away.

So we are left overwhelmed in saying -- thank you.

Follow TheBlaze editor-in-chief Scott Baker on Twitter @bakerlink.

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