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Republicans challenge Democrats to a game of 'truth or dare

The Republican National Committee will be running this anti-Obamacare ad, titled "Down," during "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." (Image source: YouTube/RNC)

From the NRSC:

On this dreary day before All Hallows' Eve in Washington, we'd like to challenge Democrats on the ballot in 2014 to a fun game of truth or dare.

TRUTH: Will any Democrats admit that their ObamaCare claims were dishonest, untrue, or patently false? Multiple news outlets have noted that millions of Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies -- far more than the actual number of people buying insurance under ObamaCare.  Top Democratic Leaders have admitted that they actually knew that these middle class Americans would lose their coverage because of ObamaCare... but they kept repeating lies claiming otherwise.  Every American should watch this devastating video from New York Magazine to see just how often President Obama repeated the same lie,"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan."  Democrats on the ballot in 2014 repeatedly made the same promise. (Here's the key - Democrats playing along have to actually tell the truth this time).

DARE: We dare every Democrat on the ballot in '14 to hold a press conference or a town hall this week to detail their position on ObamaCare and take questions about the promises that they made in selling the law. Today President Obama will head to Faneuil Hall in Boston and have the audacity to tell Americans to ignore his broken promises and the ObamaCare disaster because of something to do with Mitt Romney. We're not kidding. President Obama is a lame duck, so more important than his overtly political attempt to blame others #ObamaCare is how Democrats on the ballot are going to explain THEIR broken promises. It's their "Read My Lips" moment. Mary Landrieu has already been caught lying about her promises.  Will Kay Hagan come out of hiding to explain her position? How about Mark Pryor? Mark Begich? Jeanne Shaheen? Bruce Braley or Gary Peters?  We dare them.

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