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Peeping Pastor' Pleads Guilty to a Very Creepy Crime

(Kent County Jail)

A former pastor and theology professor has pleaded guilty to climbing up a ladder and watching a couple have sex in their bedroom.

 (Kent County Jail) Jeremy Grinnell pleaded guilty to peeping into a couple's bedroom window (Kent County Jail)

Jeremy Grinnell, 42, admitted that he observed the couple through a second-floor window in a Cannon Township, Michigan, home last November.

Grinnell, a former preacher and professor at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of surveilling unclothed persons, the Grand Rapids Press reported.

While he apparently escaped unscathed the first night, the "peeping pastor," as the Press dubbed him, was caught by the male victim when he returned to watch the couple again the next day; Grinnell was subsequently arrested.

The former preacher, who holds a doctorate and had been a professor at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary since 1999, resigned as a teaching pastor at Bella Vista Church in November and no longer holds a professorial position, according to WZZM-TV.

Grinnell, who is married, will be sentenced on June 26.

His guilty plea means that an additional charge was dropped and that his record could be expunged after five years, pending no additional charges or offenses.

(H/T: Grand Rapids Press)

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