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Destiny's Child Singer Reveals God's Calling for Her Life (Plus: Beyoncé Will Soon Be Singing About Jesus)


"God will give you the message that he wants you to share."

Destiny's Child founding member Michelle Williams believes she has been called "to speak the word of God" through music.

What is clear from Williams' very open discussion of her faith is that she's bent on inspiring and encouraging others to embrace Christianity while listening to God's calling for their lives.

"I just want to encourage people -- do what God has called you to do no matter how it looks," Williams said, speaking with this author and TheBlaze TV's Raj Nair on the audio series "Freefall." Telling listeners to consider "the will of God," she said: "It might even look contrary to how you're feeling or where you think you're suppose to be going."

Listen to the interview below:

Shying away from strictly secular music, Williams has taken a very different career route than former group members Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland since Destiny's Child split in 2005.

That said, the three women still remain close. Williams' soon-to-released single, "Say Yes" -- a gospel song about Jesus Christ -- features both Knowles and Rowland, offering fans a reunion of sorts.

Williams told "Freefall" that she knew even during her Destiny's Child days that her mission was to communicate about God through music.

"I kind of started noticing that even with my platform with Destiny's Child my individual calling has something to do with evangelism, but not with the traditional way in a pulpit," she said. "I am to speak the word of God through my music and I even have opportunities, say in theater, or other things that I do individually … to just be a light."

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The singer also pushed back against those who question how it's possible to live in the entertainment world while being a Christian, saying it's not much different from doing any other secular job.

"My response is, how do you do both?," Williams added. "It's no different than a believer who gets challenged at work."

Specifically citing Knowles and husband Jay Z, Nair asked Williams what she'd tell artists who might find themselves concerned about negative messages they're sharing through music. Williams said she'd encourage any concerned artist to communicate with God on the matter.

"I would tell them to really, really, really pray and God will give you the message that he wants you to share and it's not to late," she said. "God can turn some things around."

Williams will be playing Mary Magdalene in a touring rendition of "Jesus Christ Superstar" this summer. She is also set to appear on Oxygen TV's "Fix My Choir," where she will serve as a mentor to struggling choirs.

Perhaps most notably, she is preparing to release "Journey to Freedom," a new "urban inspirational" album. Hear a preview of "Say Yes" here.

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