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One Cop's Kindness Saved a Daycare Full of Kids and a Poodle — And the Cop Wound Up Needing Stitches


After a torrential downpour left a street outside a daycare center flooded, kids faced the prospect of wading through puddles to get to their bus.

Then a cop showed up.

Image source: screengrab via KTVR-TV Image source: screengrab via KTVR-TV

“It was amazing,” said daycare worker Shahnazz Jones-Hays. “He said, ‘Don’t let them cross the street yet’ and he went over and just started picking them up. And they were just smiling – they were so excited."

The cop was officer Michael Green, and the incident took place in Chesterfield County, Virginia Thursday.

Green's act of kindness was filmed by a local man, and he was interviewed by KTVR-TV later that day, when he said he was inspired to help the daycare children by thinking of his own son.

“I always think about (my son),” Green said. “Every second of the day. He’s my pride and my joy.”

Green's Good Samaritan work wasn't finished at the daycare however — he responded to a call about a stranded dog soon afterwards.

He saved the animal, but the dog, a small poodle, bit him in the hand and fingers, causing him to need stitches.

"I guess it's all in a day's work," Green said, laughing. "We deal with stuff like this on a daily basis."

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