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'Well, that brought tears to my eyes': Singer's microphone fails during 'The Star-Spangled Banner' — so about 75,000 Charlotte fans take over

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @ashstro

It just seems to keep happening.

Lately, whenever a national anthem singer's microphone malfunctions during a sporting event, the crowd faithfully steps in, picks up the slack, and steals the showfinishing "The Star-Spangled Banner" like no single vocalist ever will.

And that's exactly what happened Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, when nearly 75,000 soccer fans gathered in a sold-out Bank of America Stadium for Charlotte FC’s home opener against LA Galaxy.

What are the details?

Sure enough, the singer's amplified effort went bad early in the national anthem, but the North Carolina collective knew just what to do. The Charlotte Observer called it a "beautiful moment":

Charlotte lost the contest 1-0, but it appears most everybody will remember the atmosphere at the stadium rather than the final score.

“Today I believe that I am the happiest coach in the world,” Coach Miguel Angel Ramirez told the Observer. “It was amazing. I cannot describe the energy ... It really was a party.”

What did others have to say?

Commenters on the video of Charlotte fans singing the national anthem in one voice were taken aback by the collective spirit of patriotism — which for many these days seems like a fuzzy memory:

  • "Well, that brought tears to my eyes," one commenter said. "Reminded me of the old days, when we used to get along."
  • "This is fantastic," another user wrote. "The American people want to stand for our country as a whole, not a divided nation, God Bless America."
  • "As a veteran that made me tear up," another commenter confessed. "Maybe it doesn’t to some, but [in] my mind the national anthem & our flag is absolutely sacred. I better not actually see someone step on it or disrespect it in my presence. It’s their right to & my right to kick their ass."
  • "The moment alone is nothing short of amazing, but the cohesion of the crowd (they nailed the fermata and restart near the end) is incredible," another user noted. "It’s as if they had a conductor."
  • "I'm British, and I got goose bumps and a bit emotional watching this," another commenter revealed.

Indeed, when Americans together have it mind to begin singing "The Star-Spangled Banner," it doesn't matter if the setting is a college softball game when fans are told the national anthem won't be played or inside a Walmart on Independence Day weekend, they ain't gonna be denied.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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