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Glenn Beck blows open media’s dereliction of duty regarding Ukraine


It goes against the media's narrative …

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Intellectually incurious …

When it comes to what really happened in Ukraine over the past decade, the mainstream media have proven once again that they are intellectually incurious lemmings. The media take their cues from the Democratic Party. In a GlennTV live special Thursday night, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck showed how the media are willfully ignoring the full Ukraine story.

Beck showed how the Democrats and their media allies are focusing on one small part of the story ­— Donald Trump's phone call where he mentioned the corruption of Joe Biden and his son in a sweetheart gig with a Ukrainian natural gas company. They are ignoring the full picture, which shows how the DNC colluded with the former Ukrainian government to attack Trump in 2016.

The levels of corruption that Beck has found, and fully documented at his website, are staggering.

Beck shows how the media were handed the gift-wrapped Ukrainian collusion story by then-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders in early 2017. The media, of course, ignored it. But the Ukrainian press and government has not.

Beck's special laid bare just how biased the media have been in their coverage of Trump and the incessant drumbeat of "scandals" they try to sell.

YouTube's Crowder censorship 'ought to raise some eyebrows' …

TheBlaze managing editor Leon Wolf dug into claims by BlazeTV host Steven Crowder of YouTube's censorship of his channel. According to Wolf, what he found "ought to raise some eyebrows."

Wolf was able to replicate searches where Crowder's videos were not the first ones that surfaced when you searched for them.

Conservatives have long suspected that YouTube has been trying to limit the reach of conservatives. Wolf shows that in some instances those suspicions are warranted.

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