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WTF MSM!? WaPo’s ‘conservative’ columnist says ‘vote for ANY D’


The charade continues …

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Hollywood lawyer-turned-'conservative' …

The Washington Post continues one of the biggest con jobs in political opinion journalism: The charade that Jennifer Rubin is a "conservative." The evidence has been clear for a long time that the former Hollywood lawyer has never been a conservative. Thursday she sealed the deal by saying that she would "vote for ANY D" over Trump.

Rubin's remark was in response to a tweet by Byron York of a David Drucker story titled, "Never Trump Republicans plotting to back Joe Biden." When Liz Mair, a Republican political operative who has been very critical of Trump, tweeted that she's "not changing her party registration to vote for [Biden]," Rubin replied, "This is idiotic. They have the 'conspiracy' all wrong. We will vote for ANY D."

Voting for a Democrat to own Trump is supporting a party that has turned hard to the Left and has begun to openly embrace pure socialism.

Once again Rubin exposes for the world to see the farce that is the Washington Post calling her a "conservative." It's just another lie from the Fake News Industrial Complex.

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