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BREAKING: Trump will not sign spending bill without wall funding, after conservatives fought

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., said Thursday President Trump has told lawmakers he will not sign the Senate continuing resolution without border wall funding.

House conservatives have led the fight to help Trump keep his promise and fight for a wall.

Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said Thursday that now is the time to fight for President Donald Trump's border wall, even if that means shutting down the government.

Speaking on Fox News, Meadows said that the American people believe that President Trump is receiving "bad advice" to sign a continuing resolution to fund the government through February without funding the wall. He urged Trump to veto any spending bill that doesn't fund the wall.

"They know that he's promised not once, not twice, but three different times that he would get border wall funding, and here we are about to punt," Meadows said. "And I would argue it's not a punt. A punt actually helps improve the field advantage. This is a fumble, and we need to make sure that the president stays firm."

Meadows said that Congress failed in the first two years of Trump's presidency to keep Republican promises on border security and the wall. He added that House conservatives want to vote on a bill appropriating $5 billion for the down payment on a border wall, but that House leadership has not moved on passing wall funding out of the House.

He dismissed concerns over a government shutdown, noting that the vast majority of the government's essential functions will remain operational.

"If we're not going to fight now, when are we going to fight?" Meadows said. "Are we suggesting that when the Democrats have control in February that somehow our position is going to improve? There's no one in the West Wing that believes that. There's no one on main street that believes that, and quite frankly now is the time to fight."

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