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Free markets or socialism? Eric Bolling brings the health care discussion you WON'T see on a Democratic debate stage

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Would Medicare for All bankrupt America or give everyone more coverage? Is it better for free market competition to drive health care prices, or for government bureaucrats to set them?

On Friday night's episode of "America," the trio return outside the Democratic debate in Miami for an intense, in-depth rematch and discussion about the free market and the future of American health care.

The discussion will be a follow up to Thursday night’s episode, where host Eric Bolling went toe to toe with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian in what turned into an incredibly heated debate about the history and merits of socialism.

At one point, Bolling asked Kasparian to name a single example of a successful socialist economy. When she gave the examples of Norway and Sweden, Bolling shot back that those weren't socialist countries, and pointed to the case studies found in Venezuela and Cuba.

During Thursday night's episode, Kasparian accuses Bolling of not giving her sufficient time to answer questions. Viewers can judge for themselves by watching the full, unedited discussion in its entirety on BlazeTV.

Those interested in deciding who won the debate over government-controlled versus consumer-focused health care can watch the full second round after 7 p.m. Friday night on BlazeTV.

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