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Horowitz: This one simple strategy can help Republicans everywhere win elections

Horowitz: This one simple strategy can help Republicans everywhere win elections

A strange dichotomy has emerged from Bernie Sanders winning Iowa and New Hampshire. On the one hand, the Democrat Party is on its way to nominating an avowed socialist anarchist as its presidential candidate. On the other hand, roughly two-thirds of even today’s Democrat primary voters are voting for people who are at least perceived as more out of the box from the party establishment. If we had a Republican Party with a vision for safe, secure, sovereign, and prosperous communities, it could capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime to drive a wedge between average suburban voters and the Democrat Party.

When you add together the votes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the two candidates who are most vocal and emphatic about their anarchist socialism, they compose roughly one-third of the primary vote. Also, most of Sanders’ support is buoyed by very young voters. He won a very small share of voters over 45. It’s evident from the first two Democrat presidential contests is that MSNBC and political Twitter don’t reflect America or even the majority of the Democrat electorate.

Whereas 70 percent of the GOP electorate in 2016 voted for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, two candidates perceived as being to the right of the party establishment, the majority of Democrat voters are choosing candidates who are perceived as being more moderate than the party at large. The clear lesson is that the country is a lot more conservative than the political establishments let on.

It’s also quite evident that it’s downright political malpractice for Republicans to lose so many suburban voters when Democrats are run by Bernie Sanders and George Soros. These voters are disenchanted with both parties, but they certainly have no use for socialism, anarchy, and the embracing of criminals, terrorists, and illegal aliens in their communities. Just look at Democrats in Virginia promoting draconian gun control while they release violent criminals from prison and promote transgenderism in the schools. Suburban voters in states like Virginia might have been wary of Trump’s personality, but they certainly didn’t vote for this.

Imagine if Republicans capitalized on the impending Democrat implosion to actually speak to these voters and win a landslide up and down the ballot in November … and then delivered much-needed change?

However, that would take a coherent and united message, not just from the president, but from all Republicans running for office. What did the GOP-controlled Congress actually do during the first two years of this presidency, aside from the tax cuts? Almost every positive development was brought about through executive actions, many of which continue to be stymied by judicial interference that goes unchecked by Congress. Congressional Republicans should offer voters a new contract articulating what they will actually do on the other side of this election for the forgotten American taxpayers and consumers.

Rather than just winning an election battle, which Democrats are making increasingly easy for the GOP, how about trying to win cultural and civilization wars and actual policy outcomes?

Imagine if we had an entire new movement dedicated to new policies and messaging for returning power to the people from the federal courts, which have upended republicanism.

Imagine a party running on restoring the pyramid of governance and championing localism to make state legislatures great again.

Imagine a party running on creating a new tax system where localism would reign supreme and states would take the lead in setting the overall structure of the code.

Imagine a party that used its entire messaging apparatus to give a vision for an immigration system that enriches America rather than one that turns our communities into dumping grounds.

Imagine if we had a party that, while pushing localism for local issues, made the federal government strong and effective in the few areas it is supposed to dominate to protect national sovereignty and security. A party that relentlessly battled sanctuary cities in deed, not just in half-hearted rhetoric. A party with a vision for stemming the tide of gangs, drugs, and criminal aliens coming over the border and being harbored by these rebellious cities.

Imagine a party that placed the interests of victims of crime and the safety of suburban communities ahead of those of criminals with as much rigor as Democrats promote criminals.

Imagine a party that is able to speak about our 18 years of foreign policy failures engaging in Middle East urban renewal projects and a vision of peace through strength that always puts our interests first and focuses more on the threat at our border and China’s asymmetrical war against us.

Imagine a party that ran on rooting out crony capitalism and venture socialism, such as the ethanol mandate, which raises the cost of food and fuel in order to enrich wealthy lobbyists.

Imagine a party that ran on system reforms to our entire government, such as an Article V Convention, balanced budgets, and term limits.

And imagine a party with a vision of health care that eliminates the insurance cartel from getting between you and your doctor?

Trump is either intuitively oriented or at least open to most or all of these principles. However, absent a party whose congressional, gubernatorial, and state legislative candidates, along with its communications apparatus and donors, uniformly and emphatically push these principles with equal force against the way the Left pushes socialism and anarchy, we will not achieve this bold contrast after the election. Furthermore, absent any strong direction within the ranks of congressional Republicans, the swamp within the executive branch and among GOP leadership will neutralize Trump’s second term.

At the very least, House conservatives should craft a new contract with the forgotten American citizen to place American taxpayers first in everything government does. They should then publicize a 300-day plan of what they will do to further those principles legislatively if they win back the House. At some point, winning elections needs to be about winning the republic.

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Daniel Horowitz

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