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Is HR McMaster talking trash about Pres. Trump behind his back?

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Is National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster talking trash about President Trump behind his back?

An Associated Press report published Wednesday claims that the controversial adviser voiced “his disapproval” with the president — who he serves under — “to foreign officials during the lead-up to his trip to Germany.”

McMaster and other unnamed officials are reportedly in disagreement with President Trump’s approach with Russia, the AP explains. McMaster is reportedly part of a contingent of Cabinet members who prefer that the president takes a more hawkish approach to Russia.

Now, disagreement amongst a White House Cabinet over policy is nothing new. But a policy disagreement does not excuse the national security adviser from engaging in such a serious (alleged) breach of protocol.

It’s one thing to voice disagreement with the president over his Russia posture … to his face. It’s a whole other thing to do it behind his back to foreign officials who can use that information to potentially blackmail a top Cabinet official.

While there is no firm evidence to prove the allegations, other than the background commentary offered in the AP report, McMaster’s behavior in leading the National Security Council (NSC) has already raised red flags among Trump’s most loyal base of supporters.

Almost immediately upon entering Washington, D.C., McMaster sought to downplay the ideological links connecting the worldwide jihadist enemies of America. According to the New York Times, he considers the “radical Islamic terrorism” label unhelpful because he believes terrorists are “un-Islamic.”

McMaster is also a proponent of the Iran nuclear deal, which has become fiercely unpopular — not just in president Trump’s base of support, but in bipartisan circles. Earlier this week, he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pressured President Trump into reneging on his campaign promise to “rip up” the nuclear deal once and for all.

On the staffing front, McMaster has not addressed embedded Obama holdovers in the National Security Council, who remain the majority of staffers in the “deep state.” His failure in clamping down on leaks of classified information has forced the Senate Homeland Security Committee to step in and issue a comprehensive report highlighting the uncontrolled epidemic.

Instead of getting rid of the Obama holdovers, McMaster has instead promoted some to top positions in the NSC. Under McMaster, conservative supporters of the president who seek positive change at the NSC all too often find themselves out of a job or reassigned to another government agency.

It’s bad enough that H.R. McMaster is allegedly talking trash about his commander in chief boss behind his back. It’s worse that he continues to act as a saboteur to the president’s top agenda items.

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